PETER KIRKHAM PODCAST: Ex Met Police Officer and policing commentator.

Peter Kirkham was born & bred on a farm in Cheshire. He travelled to London and basically never went back!

He joined the Metropolitan Police as a Special Constable whilst at university and joined as a Constable immediately after he finished his degree.

He served in the Metropolitan Police for over 21 years, both in uniform and CID at all ranks up to Detective Chief Inspector.

He spent five years on the Flying Squad,dealing with armed robbers in the early 1990s, followed by two years, as a uniformed Duty Officer at Brixton.

He was a Senior Investigating Officer for five years before leaving in 2002.

He has since worked as a Security Management & Policing Services Consultant doing a variety of things including many around the edges of policing.

He has trained police officers on various courses and still works as a Corporate Fraud Investigator.
Since 2010 he has become an increasingly outspoken critic of the cuts to policing, often appearing in the media to highlight the damage done, in his opinion by the then home secretary and later Prime Minister Theresa May.

Find out about the man, what makes him tick and his views on policing that had drawn both praise and criticism.

This interview was recorded on the 9th November 2019 prior to this years General Election and contains strong language.

EWEN SIM PODCAST: Part 1 The mindful cop

Ewen Sim first discovered mindfulness whilst at university and it seemed a natural partner to his interest in Buddhism. Over the years he has taken additional training in yoga and hypnotherapy.

In 2018 he was invited to the Houses of Parliament to take part in a Parliamentary committee looking at well-being and mindfulness in the armed and emergency services. 

He is also a busy response officer with Lancashire Constabulary and previously Greater Manchester police. He regularly takes mindfulness sessions with colleagues in order to improve their own well-being.

BLACKPOOL TRAGEDY PODCAST 1983 – Police Officers lost at sea.

At 1.48pm on Wednesday the 5th January 1983 the police control room at Blackpool broadcast a radio message that was to change the lives of many and would result in the loss of four human beings.

Holiday maker Alistair Anthony was walking his Jack Russell dog along the lower walk when it went into the sea. He attempted a rescue but was washed away into a sea that has been described by many as some of the worst conditions they have ever seen.

Blackpool police officers were quickly on the scene and attempted a rescue assisted by members of the public. That rescue failed.

Every year since a memorial has been held and a tribute has been erected.

It is a story of tragedy but within it are acts of bravery and compassion that are breathtaking yet never officially recognised.

PC Gordon Connelly

PC Angela Bradley

PC Colin Morrison

Mr Alistair Anthony